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    Nutrient Solutions
    Your partner in animal feed solutions
  • Innovative

    Nutrient Solutions
    Your partner in animal feed solutions
    customer's farming system

Complete Tailormade Solutions

for animal nutrition and livestock supplementation.


Nutroteq is an owner managed bespoke
premix- and speciality manufacturer

The inception of Nutroteq arose from a much needed technical- and service-delivery driven partner for the emerging, medium and integrated markets.

With Nutroteq’s comprehensive local and international network, talented professionals, and key strategic alliances with multinational partners, our experienced team is able to ensure first-to-market innovation and sustained performance.

Our team is able to fulfil our client’s needs and expectations by understanding each customer’s farming and production systems. We combine this with market and industry specific insight and objectives to create the most profitable performance monitored solutions and products.

Our Slogan: “Innovative Nutrient Solutions” speaks to the heart of the passion with which we fulfil our commitment to our customers.


Our Services and Products

We proudly offer the following services and products.

  • Nutroteq offers complete tailormade solutions for animal nutrition and livestock supplementation.
  • Our services include customized diet formulation, quality control, product development, process control and on farm support.
  • Our products include premium quality custom vitamin and trace mineral premixes, targeted supplements, and specialized additives for all major species.
  • As an integral part of our customers’ business we assist with both macro and micro ingredient procurement.
  • Our specialisation in micro nutrient nutrition, and feeding offers our customers the ability to achieve optimum production potential even in challenging markets.
Nutroteq Animal Nutrition

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